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sustainable tourism

by earning money

We are a sustainable glamping in Yucatan with the aim of changing the way we travel. We promote responsible and sustainable tourism. We are concerned about our planet, the deterioration of ecosystems, deforestation and the impact of climate change.
We use eco-techniques applied to sustainable tourism such as renewable energy and ecological biodigesters so as not to leave a mark on the environment.

We support and collaborate directly with local communities. We promote community development opportunities through job creation, ongoing training, and environmental preservation, among others.

We are looking for you!

We believe that small actions make big changes and we need your support to transform the paradigm of mass tourism and within traditional circuits, for a more responsible and sustainable tourism that integrates with the communities that receive us.

Become our ambassador

Our ambassadors share our values of sustainability, sustainability and responsibility, they support and magnify our voice to reach more people and further.

Our ambassadors communicate, transmit, participate and make our actions and values resonate through the tourist offer that we have for travelers and visitors with our immersion glamping in Yucatan.


Our way of thanking

All the actions of our ambassadors are part of a profound change that we are building together.

We fairly share all our profits with them because this change is for everyone and everyone.



Earn money
for each for each tent/night reserved
assigned to your ambassador code

$400 MXP


1. Preferential glamping rate for ambassadors
2. Gastronomic experiences for ambassadors
3. Extra amenities at no cost for ambassadors

Because you are part of Belilula
the profits are yours

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