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Yucatan, Mexico

Our heart
& Soul

Belilula Yucatan

Change the way you travel



We encourage responsible and sustainable tourism. We are concerned about the health of our planet, the deterioration of ecosystems, deforestation and the impact of climate change.

We use eco-technologies applied to sustainable tourism as solar energy and ecological biodigestors.

Image by Jan Kronies


In Belilula Xeiba there are no hours, it is a magical and isolated site frozen in time in the middle of the jungle.

Its gardens stop the time of the wild nature that surrounds it, they are a deep breathe for the soul of those who walk through them.

Image by Noah Usry
Image by Andre Taissin


Our concept is born from the love of nature and the outdoors, our priority is privacy and nature contact.

Our glamping camp is immersed in the jungle, allowing an intimate and private experience for our visitors.

Image by Esteban Benites
Image by Ale Vargas


We support and collaborate directly with local communities.

We promote community development opportunities through job creation, continuous training, environment preservation , among others.

Glamping Belilula

The design


The design was driven by the will to reconnect to nature through the silence and the beauty of the landscape. 

The glamping tents are planted according to the topography and vegetation of the site. A raised wooden deck receives the tent and release an overhanging terrace in nature. A traditional mayan type volume  is positioned in the back and houses a luxury private bathroom just one step outside the tent.

The simplicity and temporality of the structures surrounded by untamed nature creates an intimate atmosphere while preserving the environment and wildlife.

Belilula Glamping Yucatan
Yucatan Sustentable Belilula
Energía Solar Belilula Yucatan

Renewable Energy

At Xeiba, we have designed and installed two off-the-grid  solar energy systems with 22 solar photovoltaic panels and 36 deep-cycle batteries, fully covering our daily energy needs and reducing our energy dependence on fossil fuels.

We produce clean renewable energy that is available every day of the year, even on cloudy days.

Belilula Ecológico Yucatan

Organic Waste Recycling System

Each of our glamping tents has a private bathroom paired with a triple-compartment biodigester,  recovering 70% of the endowed water in an evapotranspiration bed.

Our ecological biodigesters create a habitat for bacteria to digest human organic waste.

Image by Daniel Hajdacki

Zero waste discharge to the environment

We responsibly handle and manage every material input and waste output,  always taking care to leave the environment cleaner than when we found it.

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